[SOLVED] GUI settings


I’m using the ‘DarkMonkey’ appearance setting but the highlighting (breakpoint etc) obscures the code on the line it’s highlighting. I’d still like to be able to read it. Is there any way to change that but still keep the dark look? I can’t stand white backgrounds…


You can grab a custom netbeans theme from sites like https://netbeansthemes.com


You should try Darcula theme


I think I tried fixing that one several times by adjusting the color, but sometimes it honors my settings and sometimes it does not. Same with the “modified” color being blue sometimes unreadable :confused:
You can try to look into “Colors and Fonts” under the settings to see if it’s settable for you there. Hopefully you can override it.


Yes, I’m playing around with the settings. I did find the step thru debug highlight setting finally but now I’ve loaded and unloaded a few themes and my old font/colour settings are wiped… Time to get used a new look I guess!


Got it back - Dark Monkey is the best for editing IMO and Dark Nimbus is my new favourite for the IDE. Thx for all the help.