[SOLVED]Gui Themes

I am currently working thru the Nifty Tutorials provided on this website.

I have a few questions:

  1. One problem I am facing is that the .png’s associated with the tutorials are apparently not within my build path because it can’t find them. Where do I download the assests such as Interface/tutorial/step2/hud-frame.png as described here:


  2. Second question is that the png files have resolutions to them such as 128x128 and so forth. I imagine that for full screen resolution 1920 x1080 you would need a higher res png correct?

  3. Anyone know of good places to find gui themes for free or pay? I am looking for a place that packages buttons, huds, and panels together to use to create the gui.

    Thanks for the help.
  1. For image size no, you don’t need larger. Take a look at the nifty manual for ImageMode - most GUI elements will use that to create buttons etc.

  2. Other than the standard nifty schemes (there are at least two) I’m not aware of any others.

zarch - Thanks for the reply follow up question is how do I get access to those two schemes I would imagine the art for the schemes would exist somewhere?

You can take the nifty--styles.jar ( = black or default), open them up and modify the styles individually.

I downloaded Paint . Net and can create what I need. It isn’t great since I don’t know a whole lot about the graphic creation but I can create some rudimentary graphics to be used in my GUI.

Try Gimp, it’s not quite at photoshop’s level but it’s still pretty good.