[SOLVED] Has Nifty to be activated in JME3 SDK?


it’s me, again i am stuck by using JME3. After creating a first small game, I want to add a menu with Nifty to it. But my JME3 SDK seems not knowing Nifty, though there are several jars whose names beginning with “nifty-” in the “platform/lib” and “platform/modules”. it can’t resolve symbols from example codes and the preview shown in the tutorial videos wont work.
In the “asset/Interface” I am able to create GUI components xml and fonts. but the next steps in the tutorials I can’t do. I’ve googled on how to enable nifty but all tutorials I’ve found starts by creatin the xmls and not showing how to activate Nifty.

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Where are you getting this tutorail?

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If your project is built using Ant, go into your project properties and select the “Libraries” category. If jme3-niftygui is not listed, use “Add Library…” to add it to your project.

If your project is built using Gradle, add the following snippet to your “build.gradle” file:

dependencies {
    implementation 'org.jmonkeyengine:jme3-niftygui:3.3.2-stable'

The Project is on the JM3 SDK and using Ant. The Libary you mentioned is not on the build path.
Because I now know which jar exactly I need I add it this evening after my work and give the gui another try, thanks!

for example this totorial https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/jme3/advanced/nifty_gui.html shows how to work with Nifty Gui, but in the hands on it sounds like its supported out of the box.

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First paragraph.

The necessary JAR libraries are included in your jME3 download, you do not need to install anything extra. (Just make sure they are on the classpath.)

Edit: You can add them as Steven said and also by just RMB selecting the libraries folder in the project tab and selecting Add Library > jme3-niftygui.

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Are you un-stuck now?

I’m think I’m unstuck now. thanks for your help. Now the Classes from the sample code in the Tutorial can be importet and the examples can be executed. Though the mentionent previews in the SDK wont work, but meanwhile I’ve implented a minimal GUI via the guiNode that I just need a highscore table and name entry from Nifty.

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