[SOLVED] Having problem while creating new project

i am new to jme . i am getting an error while creating new project . when i click on finish key , the help key is getting highlighted and no new project is created. i am unable to create new project. could someone help with this.

Can you be any more specific?

the project was not getting created after clicking on finish key, instead the help key is getting highlighted.
and that is it i am unable to do anything no matter how many times i click on finish key .

What version did you download?
Exactly what did you click on, etc.?
What OS are you on? etc. etc.

Apparently it works fine for a lot of folks so we have to figure out what’s different in your case.

3.2.4 stable sdk1
jme 3.3.2 stable
windows 10
I followed the instructions to create a new project as shown in the help center. But on the final step when i click finish no further action is taking place.

This sounds very similar to a problem I had before on both the jME3 SDK and Netbeans on a previous computer, where I was not able to create any projects → unable to use SDK.

I think the problem could be related to the Netbeans IDE itself, but I’m not 100% sure. I wasn’t able to find a fix for it though.

I deleted all the files and downloaded them again it’s working fine now. Thank you for trying to help me.