[solved] How do i set up svn?

I have very little experience with svn. If i understand it correctly, it’s a server with the latest version of jME that you can connect to and automatically get updates. I wish to set up my jMonkeyPlatform to automatically get updated but I have no idea how to use svn. I’m running Ubuntu 10.10.

Uh, you dont have to do anything with svn to get the latest svn version :slight_smile: Just enable the nightly update center and update jMP. The manual (F1) contains info on how to do that.

Found it, thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: The update kinda broke my project, just as I expected. Hence the reason why I waited to upgrade until my project was finished :slight_smile: I think I’ll disable automatic updates when i start my next project for that reason.

My finished project if anyone is interested: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/free-announcements/forum/topic/my-first-jmonkeyengine-game-is-now-completed/