[SOLVED] How to apply data access for my apk?

Hello, after adding a Nifty gui page for the highscore, I stored the data in a file in the builddirectory. Startet from the JME SDK or fom a runable jar it works fine, but when I port the game to Android it doesn’t. Because I worked with conditions like file.exist() or file.canWrite() the Application still runs but the highscore table didn’t works. So how can I bring my App to ask for data access? Or is there a directory in my project where my App don’t need to ask?

This is Android related, not JME. You have to request permission to read/write to internal storage, and then use their API to read/write those files.



You can branch your workflow from desktop to Android by checking the platform if memory serves using JmeSystem.getPlatform(). Something like this off the top of my head…

if (JmeSystem.getPlatform().toString().startsWith("Android")) {
  // I'm on android
else {
 // I'm not on android
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Thanks, this is exactly what I thought I need. I changed the Andoid manifest as described in your link and atfter installing the apk I was ask to grant the data access. But strangly, the Highscore table still seems not to work, so i have to lock for another cause. But not today…

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Rollback my Last Message. I tried to set the path for my file to “/storage/emulated/0/” when the App runs on Android instead of a relative path to my App (as I do otherwise) and the highscoreslist works. So I think I’ve found something, to look further on tomorrow

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