[SOLVED] How to build Native bullet libs by my own for debugging?

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing an occasionally crash on Android. The Logcat tells me that it is due to an signal 11(SIGSEGV). It also tells me that it happens insisde libbulletjme.so at the function btDbvtBraodphase::destroyProxy(btBraodphaseProxy*,btDispatcher*) .

Now i want to debug what is happening inside the library. Is there a possibility to build it on my own? Is this just the actual bullet libary, some specific version or an extra for jme designed/adapted version?

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Well it is the original bullet + some JNI classes to use it from java

gradle build does compile bullet (you probably have to dig a bit to understand when it does build the android part and how to trigger it in detail)
→ must set in the settings the property to true
→ must (probably not sure here) use a linux
→ and must install a shitton of stuff for c development (like always)

Your information helped me a lot to dig into it. Now i am able to debug the native bullet lib.