[SOLVED] How to integrate Zay-ES in jme 3.1


I stumbled over Zay-ES and ES in particular. I did like to play with this approach. I have expecially problem with decoupling concerns and I think and hope an ES could help me.

First I thought ok, its integrated in to jme3, but I don’t see where. Next thought was ok like in jme 3.0 I will find it in the Tools->Plugin section. Nope not there (or at least I don’t find it). Now I found the git-hub project with two samples in it. Perfect.

My question is how shall I add this downloaded Zay-Es jars properly into JME3.1? Just place the jar somewhere and add them in the Properties of the project? Or is there a better way? If I bundle my game are such “outside” jar’s automatically bundled?

Any help/hint is welcome.

Yep. Just put it somewhere and include it in the project dependencies. It will be bundled with the app just like all of the other jars.

Cool :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the fast response.