[SOLVED] How to make a label with bold text

I have a very simple problem, but so far I could not find anything to solve it. I want simply make the text of Lemurs Label bold, I see there are setters for colours and shadow colours and alignment but not for make the text of the label bold. Is there a simple way?

Hmm at first glance you’d use something like:

Label label = ...
BitmapFont font = label.getFont();

but if there’s only one (regular) style defined in this font, then you have to setup BitmapFont separately via

BitmapFont boldFont = assetManager.loadFont(<your bold font>);

or something, I guess…

(I have my project all the way disassembled, so can’t compile and check myself right now if it works)

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Yep, exactly as Torsion says.

The font is what controls bold or not bold.

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Cool. Thanks. That was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Btw speaking of fonts how do you make sure whether this or that font is free for use or licensed/copyrighted? I know there are plenty of sites around with contradictory statements, but what to rely on in practice?

Personally, I just check the pedigree of the font if I can… or I don’t use it. It’s not different than using textures really.

For my games, I purchased fonts.

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