[SOLVED] How to open JME3 sources in an IDE?

I would like to contribute a few classes from my game into JME and in order to do so (primarily to properly integrate and test them as part of JME) I need to be able to open the project in an IDE. I have tried cloning the repository both using the git command line tool and through NetBeans. When I do this neither Netbeans or IntelliJ Idea regonize any of the cloned folders as a project. I know that JME is built using Gradle, but, since I have no experience using Gradle that isn’t much help.

What are the exact steps needed to contribute a few classes to JME? I would prefer to do this myself (mostly as a learning experience for how large projects manage their code) rather than simply posting the classes here and getting someone else to manage the rest.

I managed to get it working – I was simply lacking the Gradle plugins.