[Solved]How to set model affected by scene light state

i started design a new sky dome with dynamic sun/moon, lensflare, sunlight color changing.

the sky dome was done yesterday, then i tried to test it out with a model. then the weird thing happend.

the sunlight color affects the box(jme shape box), the terrain(jme terrain page) but it has no effect on the model(jme maggie) at all.

so my question is how do i make the light color affect the model?

and if i cant do anything programatically, what do i need to do in the modeling programs(3ds max, maya) to make this happen?

guys i really need help on this~


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hevee said:

Double post + bump =

just did some more tests~

apparently the lighting has effect on the milkshake model run.ms3d, but it doesnt have any effect on 3ds and obj models~

I am really interested in getting lighting to work in 3ds models "cuz basically everything in my scene is a 3ds model~" (Where did I heard that before?)

problem solved~

the model's normal was flipped so all the lighting effect was inside the model. now i flipped the normal in maya~everything works fine  :smiley: