[SOLVED]How to set VSync & load settings when app.setShowSettings(false); jme3 r7237

Hi! How do I set VSync to on when the settings dialog is set to not appear. As I see it, when the dialog doesn’t appear, no saved settings are loaded. I’d also wish to load the settings without having the dialog appear


settings.setVSync( true );

in simpleInitApp() has no effect, and putting it before app.start() as app.settings.setVSync(true); will NPE because settings field is null

EDIT: here this works:

pre type="java"
public class HelloNode4 extends SimpleApplication {


public static void main(String[] args) {

HelloNode4 app = new HelloNode4();

AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);

// settings.setTitle(“window title”);

try {

// load the settings that were previously saved by the settings

// dialog when it was shown ie. when app.setShowSettings(true);


} catch (BackingStoreException e) {



settings.setVSync(true);// if wasn’t already in load settings


app.setShowSettings(false);// don’t show settings dialog





PS: I can also set VSync to on all the time in ATI drivers (as it was before) in ATI Catalyst