[SOLVED] How to sign apk from jmonkey?

hey guys I have problem signing apk file with jmonkey
I have searched a lot on the forums and wiki but all of them told me to go to “Important files” and “Android properties”

and the wiki:

When you have a mobile project in the “important files” section you have an “Android Properties” file.
There are 2 entries in this file :

If those entries are filled, the apk will be signed during the build.
You’ll be prompted when building to enter the password (twice). It will
generate a signed apk in the dist folder of your project.

but I couldn’t find any “important file” and “android properties” files for some reason, please help!

I’m using SDK 3.0

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By the way this is my mobile file looks like:

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The last node in the SDK Project is the “Important Files” node, unfold it.


my bad, didn’t see that :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks normen!


Help, please do not know how to sign an apk, help me please, where we fill the fields, leave an image of a simple project, I do not charge the image but auydamen in my proyect I go where it says important files then build file and I find With a list, I select check - keystoore exists, it opens an xml that I should do please help

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Hi there friend!

First question is whether you’re using JME SDK or Android Studio