[Solved] Importing an existing project into JMonkeyPlatform


I just discovered the new JMonkeyPlatform and am very anxious to try it out. I have an existing project (that I haven’t done development on since last year) and would like to import it into the JMonkeyPlatform. Since its only based on ant and not eclipse, is it possible to import?

This is the project I am planning on continuing development on.

I solved this by creating a new project. I then right clicked on the project name and clicked on properties. I then added a new source directory. I also then had to add extra libs. I noticed there are quite a few differences between jme3 and jme2 already (like no com.jme.scene.state). Is there any documentation to get me up2date on the differences between jme2 and jme3 (besides going through the beginner tutorials)?

Unfortunately there’s no end-all be-all thread about this process, no. The changes are extensive.

However, a lot of developers have gone through this process. Maybe if you start a thread along with an initial wiki page, several developers could come together and try document this once and for all. Start by reading the beginner tutorials and just jot down the very first differences you come by. A search on the forum (try both the top one with the “forums” setting as well as the “Google custom search” below; it’ll be better some day) should also garner some great results.

If you manage to make some headway I’ll write a blog post about this to add some traction.