[Solved] Importing texture problem

I'm sorry to have to ask this but I've been spending hours over it and can't figure out whats wrong. I looked for a similar problem on the forum but couldn't find one. I've followed the importing .obj tutorial and I get the ball to import but it always ends up purple with yellow writing on it whatever texture I apply to it in blender. I'm sure its really simple to fix but I can't figure it out.

Thanks for any help

That would be the "Missing Texture" default texture. Check your log, it should give you details on where jME is looking for the texture. That should help you to properly set up ResourceLocatorTool to find your texture. If you don't know how to use ResourceLocatorTool, search for it on the Forum, and read it's javadoc. There might also be a test class demonstrating it's usage in jmetest.

Thanks I will.

This is not directly related to your problem, but I had a similar problem where a texture that was defined in my Collada model wasn't applied after it was imported into jME.

I figured out that the ColladaImporter only processes <texture> elements within <phong> elements, but my Collada file was using <blinn>. The code snippet actually says that blinn and phong are essentially the same …

        // blinn shading and phong shading are virtually the same, and OpenGL
        // only has a single "smooth" attribute for this.
        if (technique.hasphong()) {
            processPhong(technique.getphong(), mat);

... but the hasphong() method still only processes <phong> elements, not <blinn>. By changing the XML elements I got it working.