[SOLVED] inputManager.addJoystickConnectionListener

I tried adding this to my game to listen to connection but it is not working. From the comments you have to be using LWJGL3 and above.
I’m using JME3 3.3 stable for the code. and if I’m right it defaults to LWJGL 2.9 jar file.
Did I see this right?
LWJGL3 have been out for several years.
How do you get JME to use LWJGL3+ instead of 2.

Is there a config or something, if not why is JME using LWJGL2.9?

Or is the LWJGL 2.9 version a special alternated version for just JME.

I hope something can help. I did searches in the forum and couldn’t locate any resolution.


How? What did you do to specify this? SDK? Gradle?

…whatever the case, the JME lwjgl dependency is right there in the list and you can change it.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, and now lwjgl3 jar files and such related to that are now. I don’t know, I have had JME installed since 3.2 and upgrading. This time I did a clean reinstall and they are available.


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