[SOLVED] Invisible loaded scene


Hello ! I am totally new to JMonkey (I read the beginner’s tutorials) and I have some troubles to load a scene.

I simply created a new scene (in a new project “simpleGame”), and edited it by adding a simple box with a material (red) with the scene composer.

Then, I loaded it like that :

     Spatial scene = assetManager.loadModel("Scenes/newScene.j3o");

The issue is that I can’t see my box when I run the program : I tried to add quads, lights etc but it doesn’t change anything, my screen remains black. My scene is totally invisible.

Do you have a clue for me please ?


can you provide the newScene.j3o file ?


Easiest thing to do is set the viewport background color to something other than black to see if your model is actually there (avoid the black-on-black situation). It’s probably using a PBR material I guess…


maybe you just have lack of light? (or tangents)

what material type it use?


Hi ! Thank you for your answers guys
I finallty resolved my “problem”,it was so ridiculous that I am too ashamed to explain you what was going on ahah
Have a nice day !


That’s the story of at least quarter of my coding life :joy: