[Solved] Is there any anim event listener for lemur animation?

I want to run a custom code when a lemur animation done or cancel. but I cant find it.

What kind of animation?

I really want to help but I’m going to need a lot more information to do so.


Ok, cryptic questions will get equally cryptic replies:

Wrap it in a sequence that calls your method when done.

Now probably you will response with why that won’t work.

If so then 20 posts later we will get to the real problem and I can provide a proper answer. Or you can provide more information now and save a lot of trouble.

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I want to move a cube from vector3f.zero to vector3f(0 , 0 , 100) using lemur SpatialTweens.move and I want to run a method when the cube reached the end position.

Then wrap the move in a Tweens.sequence(yourMove, Tweens.call(“yourMethod”))

…I may have the syntax a little off but that’s the gist of it.

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it works, thank you.

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