[SOLVED] Jm3 Ide backgroud scanning for projects thread

I am facing an problem in the IDE about an background that continues runs/gets stuck and consume around 30% of the cpu.
It seens there was a bug on nb sometime ago about this, but the workarround didnt work for JM :

I tried to reinstall Jmonkey but it didnt fix as well, I guess there is some cache somewhere that could be cleaned.
Did anyone found how to fix it ?

The cache is in the settings folder, see troubleshooting section in the wiki.

I found the problem.
For the record, it was not in the settings folder, or cache, or in the instalation, I had tried it before and didnt fix it.
The problem was in the project folder, I had to remove the project, remove the nb data from the project ( inside the project folder itself ), and recreate the project with all configurations…
Obs: the trick part was to figure out what project get buged.
Now its working.

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