[SOLVED] jME 3.1 Alpha 1 android deploy not starting actual main acitvity?

Hopefully a trivial problem, but when I launch my game from the “Play” button, it launches just the main activity, which just says “MyGame” at the top and “Hello World, MainActivity” in the body. So it’s not actually launching my actual game. I don’t recall having to change anything in jME 3.0. Did the process change in 3.1?

I can see why it’s not launching anything. It’s in no way hooked to my actual app. The android main activity has no fragment that hooks into my app. It just has a textview. But I’m not sure what I’m supposed to change.

EDIT: I just found this topic which is precisely my problem. So I guess I’ll ask, are there any updates? Otherwise, I’ll dive in to see if I can make something work. If I do, anyone have resources I should be looking at for the 3.1 way?

EDIT 2: My search-fu is getting better. This as well. Yay me.

I just created new project and it worked. silly me.