[solved]JME nightly build with eclipse


I just downloaded nightly build… now I imported all the Jars into the build path of my project in eclipse. I just dont know which native library to attach to which jar… could anyone tell me?

You don't need to attach the native libraries to JARs, you just need to have them in your path.  This can be done several ways.  The easiest way is just to copy those DLLs (assuming you're in Windows) into the JDK's bin directory.  That's probably not the best way to do it in the long run, but that will get you up and functioning the fastest and you can decide later if you'd like to do it a better way.


I'm actually working on linux right now… which files would i put where now? do i also copy the jars into the bin directory?

When using eclipse, the easiest - and least messy - way is to place the binary files (.dll, .so, .jnilib, etc. depending on platform) in the working directory of your project.  By default, this is the project directory. (eg eclipse/workspace/jme)

Its still creating some problems

I’ve included a screenshot to visualize the problem (using kubuntu linux and eclipse)

as U see, the libraries are in the project folder

Well, your error is not related to the binary libs, but the jars.  The jars have to be added to the project's java build path (See Project->Properties->Java Build Path)

Looks like you are just missing the lwjgl.jar file in your build path to me.  Do what Renanse says and add it like you did all the other jars to add it to your classpath.  A NoClassDefFoundError is a missing Java Class, not a missing library.


thanks a lot guys… its working now…