[SOLVED][jME2.0] SharedNode not inheriting Node names

Im translating my game 1.0 to 2.0 and i have few problems :wink: but i ve found that SharedNode in 2.0 doesn't share/copy Node names.

Is this a problem? If not, there is a way to replicate Children names on SharedNode?

Somebody can affirm if this is a bug or not?

Hello Clovis,

I have the same problem  :slight_smile:

My node hierarchy is like that:

|- Body-Node
    |- Legs-Node
       |- LeftLeg-Node
       |- RightLeg-Node

When I create a SharedNode from "Body-Node", the names aren't copied. So, I can't retrieve my left leg  :(

The copyNode() method in JME 1.0 copies the name but not in JME 2.0. Somebody has an information about that??

Has someone an explanation about that change in JME 2.0? 
Should we manually copy the names of each child ?

Thanks for the answers  :)

looking into it now… seems like some changes were made to use child # in the name

Pull down the latest svn and have a look at that.

Thanks for the update Renanse  :)

There is a little problem with the copyNode() method :

private void copyNode(Node original, Node copy) {

Everything is copied from the original node except the name. ("copy.setName(name);" instead of  "copy.setName(original.name);" )

ah, thanks!  I will update that this evening when I get back to my main comp.

Hi Renanse,

Have you updated the code of SharedNode with this fix?
It's not available in the last update of JME2.0.

It's updated now.  Sorry, had social stuff to do this holiday weekend. :slight_smile:

Thank you !  :wink: