[SOLVED] Jme3 Beginner: Default camera location for chaseCam

This might be really silly but where is the default location for the chaseCam? it’s not the same as my regular cam right? because the issue is that once chaseCam is turned on the graphic is inverted like this:

Honestly it’s hard to see what you mean since we have no comparison. From my standpoint it looks fine, but I guess it’s not.

it’s vertical it should be horizontal. It’s a car…

What if you:

[java]chaseCam.lookAt(Vector3f.Zero, Vector3f.UNIT_Y);[/java]


If that solves the case then it’s because the chase cam’s up vector was something else than Y.

I can’t use this function with chaseCam —> The method lookAt(Vector3f, Vector3f) is undefined for the type ChaseCamera


ChaseCamera is a controller for the camera, not the camera itself. lookAt(Vector3f, Vector3f) gets performed on your Camera.


a piece of code might help