(SOLVED) jMonkey SDK Theme Help

Hi there,

I reinstalled my operating system. my jMonkey SDK used to look like

and now it looks like

I have gone through all the ‘Look and Feel’ Themes.
Does anyone know how I can get my SDK to look like it used to ? :sob:

Wasn’t the some kind of checkbox for the colors as well? It is supposed to ask you that do you want to change the color scheme as well, but you can easily omit this questionnaire. Then I suppose you need to find this on your own. From the colors tab? I don’t have NB nor SDK at hand now so I can’t be more specific.

But… please use generics :smiley:
List<Geometry> towerGeometries = new ArrayList<>(towerCount);

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Well there is an area where I can set the colors for everything, yes. I was just a bit perplexed because it looked the way it did on 3.3 - then I reinstalled my OS and installed 3.4 and it looked new - and then I was like maybe it was something unique to 3.3 so I reinstalled that but it looked the same new way like 3.4. I never set my colors up the first time so I have no idea why it looked like that and now it doesn’t lol but I will keep messing around with it.

I pulled that code from a book so I’m still trying to figure out what it does … lol. I will keep that in mind–
Thank you for the reply :melting_face:

oh figured it out, Fonts and Colors can have a separate theme. It’s darkmonkey :monkey:


Editor colours are separate from the system Look and Feel.

Tools → Options → Fonts & Colours

Change profile to “Dark Monkey” (Looks like you are on Norway, now"

My personal favourite combo is:

LaF = Flatlaf Dark
Editor profile = Dark Monkey


Ahaha that’s what I just set it to!
Great minds think alike :sunglasses:

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