[solved] Keyboard controls not working

Hi everyone,

after a long jME break I've finally decided to play around with it a bit and checked out the latest SVN version.

But apparently, no keyboard controls are working. That's what I'm doing and what's happening: I start TestSimpleGame or TestStandardGame. A screen comes up showing me a grey box. I can move the mouse, but not the camera. Also when I press F4 (which is in-game labeled with "show statistics") nothing happens. ESC doesn't close the game. I can just kill it with Alt+F4 (but that would be the OS, I suppose).

Any hits what I could do?

I'm synced to cr4792 and not having the same problem on WinXP using lwjgl. Is there anything odd in the console output? What else can you tell us about your execution environment?

Okay, thank you for looking that up.

While trying to get it to work I actually found a solution, although I'm having difficulties to nail the problem.

I'm running Ubuntu 9.04. The problem arises due to SCIM Input method (used for Japanese language input, for example). In order to get the controls to work in jME I need to exit SCIM (it will automatically restart). Then everything is the same concidering the input methods, but controls work in jME.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Maybe this thread will help somebody with the same problem one day.