[SOLVED] Lemur and JME 3.0

Continuing the discussion from Tonegod vs NiftyGUI:

I’m using the jar available on release section but I can’t get BasicDemo working, because it needs some functions that doesn’t exists on released jar. For example:

    CursorEventControl.addListenersToSpatial(redSlider, new DefaultCursorListener() {
            public void cursorMoved( CursorMotionEvent event, Spatial target, Spatial capture ) {
                System.out.println( "event:" + event );
                Vector3f cp = event.getCollision().getContactPoint();
                cp = redSlider.worldToLocal(cp, null);
                System.out.println( "Range value:" + redSlider.getValueForLocation(cp) );      


The function getValueForLocation was added on r1490, but the released jar is before it.

So my question is, the actual Lemur source (the HEAD one) is incompatible with 3.0 or it wasn’t tested with it? Which may or not may break something?

I really want to go for Lemur, but i’m little afraid to update 3.1 (I’m still not good with that gradle thing) but if there is no way, I’ll have to try…

After my momentary panic has gone, I was able to use latest Lemur code on JME 3.0 following the BasicDemo.java:


And yeah, the reason I haven’t done another release is because it will either be a ton of work to make a jME 3.0 compatible one or the next release will not be jME 3.0 compatible.

…neither of those seem like good solutions right now and I barely have time to do anything these days. Sorry.