[Solved] [Lemur] Groovy scripting engine not available

Hello everyone,
I started work on a new project and cannot get lemur to work.
It always tells me “Groovy scripting engine not available”, even though I added the jars “groovy-2.4.7”, “ant-antlr-1.9.4”, “ant-junit-1.9.4”, “ant-launcher-1.9.4”, “testng-6.8.13” and “gpars-1.2.1”.
Any help?

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You don’t really need any of those jars… but you should add groovy-all if you want to use the styling.

Not much more detail than that, but groovy-all is mentioned here:


You know, I saw that page…
But I was too stupid to find grooy-all.
Fixed now, thanks.

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