[Solved]Linux & LWJGL3 - Window doesn't refresh when it isn't in focus

My project’s client program is built against jME 3.2.1-stable and uses jME’s LWJGL3 renderer. When developing, I’m often typing commands in my server’s console and observing the effect they have in the client. The problem is that when the jME window isn’t in focus it doesn’t refresh with the new scene data. As soon as I switch the window focus from my console to the client it updates, but this is rather inconvenient - I’d like to be able to work in the console and immediately see the changes without switching focus just to see what happened. It’s also not great for desktop environments that show a window preview when you hover over the program’s entry on the task bar, as the preview will show an out of date scene.

I’ve dug around to see if this is some sort of an option in AppSettings but I haven’t gotten anywhere with that. Is this behavior changeable, and if so how/where can it be changed?


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Got it. Thanks!