[solved] Making a character out of a fully animated model on Scene Explorer

I’m trying to make a character out of my animated model. I’ve seen the ”add collision shape” and ”make character” buttons, I’ve tried both but don’t seem to produce what I want (I see a skeleton and a character control on the scene explorer, but when I load them on my game they don’t work).

I’ve also tried to add a CharacterControl from java code, but it rotates the model 90° (and I cannot rotate it manually because of the CharacterControl!)

Unfortunately this aspect of jMonkey it is not much documented… and I suspect that there are many awesome features on the Scene Exploer. What should I do?

While the visual tools might make jME look like a FPS Mod kind of thing its imperative that you know how the engine works and are able to code with its libraries. Only then will the visual tools be helpful for you. In plain words: Learn how to make a character in code first, then enjoy the fact that you can create collision shapes and such visually.

Fine, but I actually tried it from code before using the visual tools.

As I said, the loaded model gets rotated 90° when I attach a CharacterControl from code… how can I avoid this?

Add a node between the control and the model and rotate the model back… Or orientate your models correctly directly in the 3D editor. (Z-Forward)

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Thanks! The intermediate node idea is great!