[SOLVED] Mapping a key to different functionIds


A quick question!

Does Lemur support mapping one key to two different FunctionIds with different groups while both groups are active?

In my case, I get the “StateFunctionListener” notified for one group (the one that registered earlier) but not the other group. (I can provide test case after it is confirmed that Lemur already supports this)

Pretty sure that it should.

For example, I think when I’m in “fly around” mode that the cursor keys control the camera but they also let me move around the GUI in “gui mode”.

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Wait… the “both groups are active” thing?

No. First come, first serve. The key will hit the first active binding it finds.

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I see, thanks for confirming.

I am going to either use a shared functionId or change it in a way that not both groups are active in the same time.

What is your actual use case?

Because from my perspective, what you are trying to do doesn’t make any sense. So I’m curious.

Yeah, just was doing something in the wrong way. :wink:

Solved now.

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