[SOLVED] Missing libraries on PBR branch?

Checked out the PBR branch and got this:

Why do I get that “Oracle” platform and can’t find the JME libraries? This project loads fine on a older PBR commit.

3.0 or 3.1-alpha?

The PBRiscoming branch of the 3.1.


mhh that’s weird… I don’t have any problem with this.
Will check asap.

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Friday afternoon… what to do? Idea! Let’s ping @nehon!


pinging me won’t change anything since I don’t have the issue…
How do you build the sdk?

gradlew build + ant build? The usual stuff I did until early July.

Somehow, I think that the settings are messed up. For example, on first run it asked for my project folder.

Rebuilt again, then reconfigured (all settings were lost, and gradle plugin disappeared). Now it works.