[Solved] Models, materials and so on

I was wondering, which method is best way to use to export. I created spaceship, and i dont know what is better, which file i have to use. Object, ogre xml export, mesh and so on. I have u/v map on it, and planing some diffuse map and bloom, materials. What is difference between types.

And second question, is better to model scene in editor like blender or create scene with platform.

Thanks guys.

Hm, hi there, i have another problem :slight_smile: and dont know why this happening, searching trought google, nothing usefull, i think iam making somewhere basic mistake. So whats the problem?

When i exported my ship with wavefront(obj from blend) all was ok, but there is problem with u/v mapping, so i want to export ship like ogre xml.

When i export model, whole ship re-scale every dimension, like she want to be in one big cube :confused: Its some mistake which i did in blender?(Its not about code, because viewer in java platform show this big shipie cube too) Thanks for solution :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is problem for visual:


Solution: In blender, Object->Clear/Apply->‘Apply Scale/Rotation to ObData’