[Solved] Multiple animations on single bone

i have two animations for a single bone, translation (location) and rotation.
they work fine separately, but when i create two channels and set appropriate animations to them, only one works.
i would like to have them separate because i want to control rotation speed independently of translation.

so the question is is this even possible or should I resort to workarounds, like making a bone with translation (location) animation and then attaching a bone with rotation animation to it?

Channels select the bones you give them. Like you can have a channel for the bones of the right arm and a channel for the bones of the left arm and play different animations for each channel.
If you have only one bone in your skeleton it doesn’t make sense to have multiple channels.

Could you please explain what you really want to achieve (like the big picture), because your workaround sounds very convoluted to me.

i have multiple bones in the skeleton, i just want to be able to translate and rotate one of them at independent speeds, for example a saw blade on a stick, the stick moves, and the blade rotates at varying speeds

Channels are not meant for this.

For your example, to me the stick and the blade would both have their own bone. And there you could use channels.

thanks, that’s is exactly what I meant with my “workaround”, it turns out be the correct solution

Ok I misunderstood, I thought you were talking about switching bones at runtime.