[SOLVED]MultiViewport, FilterPostProcessor and AlphaTest

I have a big problem:

For a while everything works fine, but when I create a geometry with a material setting “AlphaTest”(mat.getAdditionalRenderState().setAlphaTest(true)) the problem appears, any ideas?.


Can you tell us what the problem is? I’m not sure what your screen shots are supposed to look like so I don’t know what’s wrong with them or whether one is before or after or whatever.

The viewports are not cleaned properly, for example:

Should only be 2 spheres in the viewport, but when I move the cursor on the screen the viewport is not cleaned.

In the others viewport exist “blooms” that have not been cleaned.

The problem appears when I create a geometry with a material setting “AlphaTest”(mat.getAdditionalRenderState().setAlphaTest(true)) with multiple viewports, any ideas?.(this works well with a single viewport).


The AlphaTest may only be part of the symptom since without it your geometries may be clearing the background simply because there aren’t any transparent pixels or something.

I’m not sure what your actual problem is and I know setting up FPP with multiple viewports can be tricky to get right… either way, people trying to help will need to see your code as it will be impossible to guess if there is any setup that needs changing.

Believe it or not, you gave me the solution !,if I set the “BackgroundColor” of each of the viewports everything works fine.