(Solved) Nifty GUI – Can’t rotate Cam

When I am using the NiftyGUI in my Project the Cam get stuck and i can rotate it.

I found this:


but my problem is that i can’t use


because i must rotate the camera whithout pressing the left mouse button to steer the player

Any ways to use the NiftyGUI without DragToRotate?

Thanks Kernproblem

I spoke with destroflyer and he gave me the tip to put the flyCam.setDragToRotate(true); into the onScreenStart() like:

[java] public void onStartScreen() {




and it worked!

Thanks to you destroflyer!

Is it possible out of the box to enable a setRightclickDragToRotate(true); ? so instead of using the left mouse the right mouse like in many 3d editors? that would allow dragging objects etc with the left mouse button