[SOLVED] Nifty GUI – cannot find TreeBox or TreeItem

I ran into trouble when trying to follow the Standard Controls TreeBox example. Specifically, the compiler cannot find the TreeBox or TreeItem classes.

I looked into jmonkeyplatformlibsnifty-default-controls.jar and noticed that there’s nothing in delessvoidniftycontrols that looks TreeBox related.

I’m running jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0beta; I’ve just run the “Check for Updates” in the IDE & have managed to build GUI example apps as described in the jMonkey wiki. A quick search through the jMonkey wiki & forums for “TreeBox” didn’t bring up any hits, so I know if this is just a problem on my end or not.

Update your jMP with the Unstable repository.

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Yup, that fixes it. Just in case someone else needs to know, the updates settings can be found by going into the menu, selecting Tools & then Plugins and going into the Settings tab.