[Solved] [Nifty] overlay a SimpleApplication


i m a bit tired… so excuse me if i m a bit stupid now…

how do u overlay a menu over a simpleApplication?

and then how to remove it again

i have a nifty gui and a game-interface (which is a SimpleApplication)

my nifty gui itself is a simpleApplication too… if both are visible at the same time it crushs my laptop or i get display-errors … and if i make 1 of them invisible, the simpleUpdate method wont be called… so i wouldnt know when its done and the interface-simpleapplication can be shown again …

if i would make it seperatly… well i think i made there a mistake…

but my main question is :

do nifty-gui need to be a simpleApplication? can i get the same result if i make a JFrame for example?

or is there an easy method to just overlay this?!

thx in advance!



You can use nifty gui inside a JFrame, yes. Just look at the TestCanvas and TestNiftyGui tests.

hmmm i dont get it …

i looked at the files and tried a some stuff… didnt solved my problem

how would you overlay a menu … .for example:

simpleapplication is running and u press f1 : this should invoke a pause on simpleApplication and opens a nifty

or just starting nifty → new Game → simpleApplication …

sorry if i m stupid… i m not really new to java but it troubles my head… i probable dont see the wood for the trees

hi everyone, the problem is more or less solved for me!

as i said: I didnt see the wood for the trees

it was quite helpful to know that app.stop() doesnt mean that the program will close… seems logical … ^^

so nevermind … in fact the other thread did helped me a bit to understand (thread name : nifty gui and simpleupdate)