[Solved] NoClassDefFoundError when using Maven

I am trying to get my project set up with maven. My project compiles successfully, but when I run the project, and after I click through jME3’s little pop-up window, I get this error:

Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[jME3 Main,5,main]
NoClassDefFoundError: com/bulletphysics/collision/dispatch/CollisionConfiguration

Line 5 in my Main class is a comment line, so I don’t think it’s talking about my code.

If I copy the same code over to the jME3 SDK (with the proper libraries added), it works fine. The only other difference between my maven project and the SDK project is that the SDK is still on 3.0, while in maven I am using 3.1.0-alpha2.

The jme3-jbullet dependency has been added to my pom.xml. I have other dependencies added to my pom.xml as well, such as jme3-terrain, and they seem to be working fine.

Did the jME3 3.1.0-alpha2 break something, or am I missing something in my pom.xml?

My entire pom.xml can be found here, if it helps: http://pastebin.com/9xPeixX8

Thanks in advance!

…requires also that the jbullet.jar be in your dependencies and this is not available as a public maven resource because there is no such thing. I think you have to get it from the updates site and it may be published as a maven resource there.

Or use native bullet.

Thank you! The switch to native bullet fixed the problem.