[SOLVED] Panel at the bottom of the Screen


I made a Panel with a Size in pixel.

I need this Panel to have the X positon: “100% - PANELSIZE”.

Making a panel stick to the top or left of the screen is no problem.

But I need it stuck to the bottom.

Niftys SizeValues dont seem to use the “-” Operator.

I cannot calculate the “100% - 128px” or so.

P.S. The Screen has a Layer. The Panel is in this Layer. ChildLayout of the Layer is Absolute.

This is a bit awkward to do at the moment. The work around I’ve been doing is using a parent panel or layer with vertical layout.

[xml]<panel childLayout=“vertical”>

<panel height=""/>





Panels of height "
" always expand to fill the available space, that pushes the other down to the bottom.

You can use margins and/or padding to add space back at the bottom if you want a gap there.

Yes, “*” as height works when I use XML, but I am using Java.

In Java I have VARIABLES. This makes it so much easier!

Stupid me…

[java]int resolutionHeight = app.getViewPort().getCamera().getHeight();[/java]

then in Nifty, I create the panel with:

[java]y(resolutionHeight - 50 + “px”);[/java]

I need to think simpler about some problems…

Yeah, in Java it’s easy - you should have said :stuck_out_tongue: