[SOLVED]Parallax Map – UV textured

parallax UV mapped(box or similar mesh):

UV: http://i.imgur.com/zLDH4.png (some modified but somethin like this)

a bad side:


both sides:


good side:


as i see, parallax is bad working for UV mapped, propably becouse it change whole texture, right?

for UV mapped where each face have ALL texture it work fine, but when faces “share” textures by UV mapping then it is wrong ;/

here screen that it work fine with UV mapped whole texture for each face:


UV: http://i.imgur.com/nGS0O.png

do i somethin wrong? if not, could you make it work for UV mapped?

PS: sorry for editing topic :wink:

Do you share the vertices? maybee that is the problem

i think i know where is issue: in very small faces(they seem to destroy other faces), if i good guess… becouse its diffrence of test4 and test3.

here testcase(look at Assets/Models/testParallax/):


look at test3.j3o close. this one dont work(try rotate arround and you will see). and diffrence of test3.j3o and test4.j3o is in additional cut to create small long faces.

just take a look at test3(bad one) and test4(work one)… @nehon?

your texture coordinates overlap, try to make a model without uv overlapping

@nehon: textures overlap on test1 / test2 / test3 / test4…

but only test3 have problems. test3 is diffrent in having some small long faces(look at blender file or in SceneComposer). This small faces seem to destroy other faces parallax texturing.

without parallax on test3 everything work fine.

edit: i just created test5 → test3 without overlapping. and the same appears.

have you tried to lower the middle edge loop to have evenly distributed faces?

propably it would help, but i need middle edge loop to be small, i can show why:



@nehon: you thinked good to try it, now i know its not becouse this faces are small… But what then? no overlapping / no small faces and this model still dont work.

when i remove top edge loop and add top face(to earlier middle edge loop) like in test4.j3o, then it work :?

well you can do the exact same model without an edge loop just by having a texture that fits right.

anyway, maybe the issue is due to the fact that the uv’s are not connected.

Could you try to have the faces above and under the edge loop to connect in the uv layout?

@nehon: while i was doing “pin” to UV vertices i noticed that i had other direction(not rotation) of UV map for this 2 wrong faces…

i mean i had:

v3 — v1

| …|

v4.— v2

changed to(the proper one):

v1 — v3

| …|

v2.— v4

and seem to work :wink: i will try now to do this on all models.

BTW: if normal map / diffuse map / light map work with “flipped” UV, then why parallax not? it try to do calculations in opposite way? :roll:

Parallax mapping and normal mapping use the direction from the camera to the vertex. Diffuse don’t

You may have had the same issue on normal map but it’s a lot less noticeable, i guess.

ahh ok i understand, it was like i would set in blender for normal map geometry for example “2” insteed of “-2”, and i just was too blind to see diffrence :roll:


i would propably never solve this myself

btw: i thinked can be flipped UV, but now i will remember that it cant :slight_smile:

@oxplay2 said:
i would propably never solve this myself

Well you did actually :p, i didn't do a lot.
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