[solved] Particles questions

Can I make particles to come only once (so no looping) so I could


ParticleEmitter pe = (ParticleEmitter) rootNode.getChild("part");

if (pe.getNumVisibleParticles()==0)



And now my particles looks too bright, and I have modified color, image itself darker,

material, but no help. They are little bit too translucent, also, even I have color alpha 1.0.

I convert particle-image to grayscale and tested using setStartColor and setEndColor with it but it looks the same.

You can set the number of particle emitted per seconds to 0 (should be like pe.setParticlePerSeconds(float) or something like that).

Excellent, setParticlesPerSec(0); did the job. Thanks.

Particles was bright because blending was Additive.




This looks like what I wanted.