[SOLVED] Passthrough on collision

Hello all

I wonder if anyone can help me out with this physics problem.

I have 3 objects. A, B and X. They are all Dynamic (not Static or Kinematic).

A, B and X all have a mass of 1. At some stage, A, B and X will collide with each other.

When A or B collide with X, I want the respective object and X to be destroyed. This is not a problem. My physicsCollisionListener handles this fine.

However, when A and B collide, I want them to pass through each other.

Any idea how this can be done?

PS If you know of any tutorials or previous forum threads which discuss this issue, please let me know. I have looked but I cannot seem to find any. Thanks

You will need to have a look into ‘Collision Groups’. You can find more info in the Advanced Physics Documentation.

@thetoucher great! thanks!!! :smiley: