[SOLVED] Problem loading using assetManager

Thanks I’ll do that.

And if you decide you want to use regular non-PBR lighting:

Material material = new Material(assetManager, "Common/MatDefs/Light/Lighting.j3md");
material.setColor("Diffuse", ColorRGBA.Blue);
material.setColor("Ambient", ColorRGBA.Blue);
material.setBoolean("UseMaterialColors", true);

And if you, like me, are annoyed of having to look up the color names, you can open our github repo, press “t” and type “Lighting.j3md”, which leads you there:

You can already see “Color Ambient” in the preview, diffuse will come later.

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Thank you all for the tips btw, I would have replied but because I had only just joined the forum I hit a max comment limit. I got everything working and even managed to get models loaded and moving around with acceleration.