[SOLVED] Problem with networking on openjdk 10


As far as I know this will only work for java 9 and 10, from 11 onward this module will be completely removed and the above jvm option won’t work.

I think the proper solution which will work for all jdk versions is to add it as a dependency like what I am doing.



A quick web search for javax.jws api removed or something similar. I think that the bit about the java.se.ee ubermodule came from one of the java-centric tutorial-blog sites.

(The sort that are aimed at a junior/intermediate java programmer whose non-technical boss says “hey, our thingie is broke. Fix it by Monday”)

The article was aimed at short-term migrations from of Java 1.x code up to Java 9. The focus was getting your legacy code working right now, before you are prepared to do the proper re-structuring.

I’d give you a link, but its not in my browser history for some reason. Also, it was fairly shallow. (It was old enough that it did not have the Info that @Ali_RS added, about this only working on 9 & 10)

TL;DR version: I use iterative google-adjacent searches, spreading across multiple tabs, and often forget exactly where I found things! :slight_smile:


LOL. I do that, too. In some cases, I’ve bookmarked like 15-20 tabs into a single folder just in case I needed it again later. It’s nice that the browser lets us do that… it’s been especially important for day-job related stuff.