[SOLVED] Problem with new mouse wheel scrolling support on ListBox


I am running to an issue when using this new feature.
If do not use mouse wheel scrolling, then list rolls correctly by dragging with mouse click but if try scrolling then dragging with mouse is not working correctly. See below video:

Weird. Seems like maybe the scroll bar has a bug related to having its model value set externally.

Not sure how soon I will get a chance to look at it. Can you post an issue to Lemur’s issue tracker?

Yes, will do that tonight.

A question regarding list box,
Can i add lables to list ?(with text and icon and an action listener attached to it)
or only strings ?


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Cool, thanks :grinning:

Can you post an issue to Lemur’s issue tracker?

Done #49

Fixed this in Lemur master. It will go into Lemur v 1.10.1 when I release it… which I guess I should do soon as there are quite a few items in the change log.


Thank you Paul. :slight_smile: