[Solved]Procedural animations / inverse kinematics


I've spent a couple of evenings trying to get the hang of the animation system, to be able to do some procedural animations using IK.

Progress has been quite slow, but at least with BoneDebugger i can see that my bones are moving, just not the model! So, i've tried to track down how the bones apply the influence on the model.

One solution (the only?) seems to be to use a skin node. I am however using the HottBJ exporter for my character, and it bundles the armature and model, and i can't seem to separate them to put them in a new node.

So, to conclude:

I would like to apply the translations that are happening to my bones in run time.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to move forward with this?


Edit: One "funny" thing is that scaling the bones will update the model without any hassle, it only seems to be rotations that don't happen (and probably translations too).

Update 2: I've now finally solved it. The problem was that i treated the model as a <Spatial>, when it should actually be a <Node>. Being a Node meant i could get access to .descendantMatches() and such methods to get to the SkinNode below in the hiearchy.

And once you have the SkinNode you can use the method skinNode.updateSkin() in order to apply the new bone translation/rotation…