[SOLVED] Python Script exporting in Blender?

I have a question on how python works with blender. I have made a opening/closing door animation and I was going to put some python scripting on it with respect to the character. How does one export the scripts and animation to jmonkey? And if that is the wrong question to ask…How does exporting python scripts work? Where do I export python scripts to? Jmonkey? a seperate folder that contains these kinds of things…?

Thanks for the help guys! And sorry for the abrupt approaches from my earlier posts!

As far as I know there is no support for that specific use.

But it’s possible to bake animations by using bones to deform the mesh. For a simple door opening animation one bone would be enough. Then you just have to create at least two key frames and there you have your animation.

Alternatively, you can animate your door in code too. That would be enough too if you don’t have some special behaviors when a door opens.

You’ll have to decide if you want to do the actual game coding in Blender OR jME, both won’t work.

So using bone aniamation I could set up in blender then code with jmonkey. So I don’t have to use game logic in blender I can just use bones. Thanks guys!