[Solved] Question about CPU to GPU transfer

I skimmed the article here, mentioning transfer of data from CPU to GPU, and was wondering if the technique used (not technology) is in any way similar to those used in JME for the transfer of g_Tpf and g_Time (for example) from game to shader.


We don’t use this. It’s an opengl 4.4 requirement and we keep opengl 2.0 compatibility. Also sending data to the GPU is a very core feature and it would be complicated to have a special way of doing it depending on the opengl version…

But that’s a nice read thanks :wink:

Yea, I know that JME is not there, version-wise, but I am asking if what’s happening in JME is similar (with g_Tpf and g_Time and the others) ? I am not asking to get this implemented either - just curious :slight_smile:

Those “material parameters” are set just like every other “material parameter”.

…they are literally no different except that the engine sets them for you and they are prefixed with a g_

the global uniforms are passed as regular uniforms, it’s just that the engine pass them for you.