[Solved] Question about texture

Hello! This might be really simple question but been looking for an answer and haven’t found it

Want to know how can I flip in the Y Axis a texture that I’m using for a model, would really appreciate any help!

TextureKey key =new TextureKey(“path”, true);

Thanks for your answer!! but it looks i got mistaken I want to flip the X axis not the Y. Thanks for your help!

may I suggest you flip it in your image editor? Or flip the UV coordinates. TextureKey does not flip on X.

Thanks I’ll look into UV coordinates, I could flip the image but is a sprite sheet, and if i can get away with just having one per model, i would like to. I’m using the SimpleSprite shader from this project http://code.google.com/p/jme-glsl-shaders

Thanks, I was able to do it by modifying the vertex shader and adding a property to flip it at will!