[SOLVED] Quick Question about SDK IDE - geoms and triangles count

Guys quick question as I don’t the SDK (I use Eclipse) - I’m one of THOSE guys :wink:

After loading models into JMP how can you view the number of polygons and vertices of that imported object from JMP? I know you could do that in the display (in a small project after running it) by turning on the stats view but I needed a model viewer before running the model. Worst case I could write my own but I thought this could already be implemented in JMP.


Choose “File→Import Project→External Project Assets” to create a codeless project for managing assets from your eclipse assets folder only.

Thanks Normen cool I didn’t know it was that simple to get the assets into JMP. However my question was how can I view the number of polygons. Even after being able to view the object, I can’t see any vertices/polygons anywhere in the SceneComposer :S

Click a geometry in the SceneComposer and look at the properties panel

Oh I needed to get it from the toolbars I didn’t have “Properties”.